Medical Travel and Out-Of-Pocket Reimbursement

April 9, 2015


As part of a California Workers Compensation claim, you are entitled to reimbursement for travel mileage for medical appointments, prescriptions, and depositions.  


To be paid, you need to keep records of how many miles you traveled for these trips.  


You can obtain mileage information on MapQuest by searching your point of departure and the location you traveled to.  You may want to attach a MapQuest printout to your mileage form when you submit it to the claims adjuster.



In addition to mileage, you also may receive reasonable expenses of transportation, meals and lodging when traveling to medical appointments under LC 4600(e)(1) and (e)(2).



If you travel to a doctor’s office that is located a significant distance from your home, you also may receive reimbursement for meals.  These meals must be reasonable.  A reasonable value is essentially what the Judge receives for their per diem on travel, which is $7.00 for breakfast, $11.00 for lunch and $23.00 for dinner.  You will need to keep your receipts.


If a doctor indicates you cannot travel the required distance to your appointment and need a driver, you may get meals reimbursed for your driver.  You will need to have a clearly written document from the doctor indicating a driver is needed and the reason a driver is needed.  Otherwise, only your meals will be reimbursed.  



In some instances overnight lodging may be merited.  This usually occurs if the doctor’s office is some distance from your home and the appointment is scheduled early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The reimbursement for lodging varies depending upon location but usually runs between $83 to $128 per night.


It is your responsibility to fill out the request for reimbursement on the forms for the mileage you travel.  Please make sure to use the correct form for the year in which travel occurred.  The reimbursement rate will vary depending upon the year.


The mileage rates for 2008 to 2015 are also available at the above address and are as follows:



Date __________ ¢ Per Mile

On or after 1/1/2015 $.575

On or after 1/1/2014 $.56

On or after 1/1/2013 $.565

On or after 7/1/2011 $.555

1/1/2011 - 7/1/2011 $.51

1/1/2010 – and earlier 



When you send in the completed signed and dated reimbursement form, be sure to retain a copy for your records. If you have not received your reimbursement after the passage of 45 days you should contact your attorney. If you have not received reimbursement and need to speak to a Work Comp Attorney, please contact us for a FREE consultation. 



Often an issue arises with regard to the date the document was sent to the carrier.  Sometimes they lose it in their system and deny receipt of the same.  This can be avoided by sending the completed, signed and dated form to them with all pertinent receipts attached, by certified mail, return receipt requested.  



Other common issues which arise are failing to put the correct claim number(s) on the top of the mileage expense form, failing to sign and date the form, or failing to total the reimbursement requested.  Any inaccuracies or failure to provide information may result in delays in processing and receiving payment.



If you have more than one date of injury, please note the correct claim number must be used for the date of injury the services are being provided for.  Failure to do so may result in a denial in your mileage reimbursement request.



If you have out of pocket expenses, e.g. payment of prescriptions, bridge tolls or parking, you need to reference the same on the reimbursement form.  You also need to attach the receipts.

For your convenience our website offers the mileage reimbursement form. Should you have additional questions about mileage reimbursement, or about your Eureka Workers Compensation Claim, please contact one of our offices.

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