Often injured workers have questions regarding their claim, even before meeting with an attorney.


This section of our website is dedicated to answering injured workers on frequently asked questions, current issues, common concerns, questions and complaints, and issues in California Workers Compensation. Even though the Workers' Compensation Law Center is committed to offering workers who have suffered on-the-job-injury guidance, recommendations, and straight-shooting legal advice, this should not substitute nor constitute legal advice.


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Whether you have a claim the insurance company is already paying or whether you are considering filing a claim, there are many situations where it’s a good idea to check with an attorney. Click to see a more detailed list of when you should meet with a work comp lawyer.


When do I need a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

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California Workers' Compensation provides five benefits: medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits. Once you have filed a Workers' Compensation Claim Form (DWC-1), you become eligible for benefits depending on the status of your claim. Click to see more details of your entitled work comp benefits.


What benefits am I entitled to in Workers' Compensation?

Upon receiving a notice of claim, an insurance company will accept, delay or deny a claim. Denial is a finding of not enough information, or the information they provided does not substantiate a claim. This is the time to contact a workers compensation attorney. Find more information on denied workers' compensation claims.


What does it mean that my work comp claim has been denied?

After 30 days, if you believe you are not getting the care you deserve or want a different doctor other than the insurance company doctor, you can request a new doctor. Some insurance carriers will tell you there are no other doctors available, this is incorrect. Click to see more on the process of changing your primary doctor.


What are the options to change my primary treating doctor?

A QME is the Qualified Medical Evaluator who will make some important decisions in your case. Every claim should have a QME, so make sure you choose the right one. Choosing the right specialty and the right evaluator will have a large impact on your case. Click to see more about choosing the right QME.


What is a QME? Do I need one? Which one do I choose?

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