The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board has two main locations in northern California: Redding and Eureka. Our goal is to provide excellent representation to those who have been hurt at work and residing north of Sacramento. We have offices in Crescent City, Eureka, Redding and Susanville so there is an office near you. 

We pride ourselves on representing CDC correctional officers. We also represent many local police and firefighters, and CHP and CalFire. In addition, we represent injured workers from all different types of careers and employers. We represent injured workers who are teachers, ministers, nurses, construction workers, CNA's, truck drivers, grocery clerks, stockers, loaders, machinist, lineman, dental hygienist, therapists, and many many more professions. We represent workers who were injured from working for local companies to the largest employers like WalMart, Cal Trans, Sierra Pacific, School Districts, local Municipalities and the state of California. Our job is to get each and every injured worker the benefits they are entitled too.

At our local Workers' Compensation Law Center Office, you will work directly with our local attorneys and local staff throughout the process of obtaining your workers' compensation benefits which you are entitled to. We limit our practice areas to California Workers Compensation in order to provide specialized and individual service to each client. We specialize in representing YOU!

If you've sustained a workplace injury, you are entitled to be represented by a lawyer who is skillful in practicing this complex area of law, passionate about protecting workers' rights and compassionate toward our clients.


Workers' Compensation Law Center represents injured workers in Northern California who have sustained injuries through their employment. Our focus is providing superior service to our clients in a range of industries. As part of this service, we have provided the following documents and links to make the process smoother and easier.

When we represent you, we do everything the law allows to pursue the benefits you are entitled to receive. We are determined to help you obtain recovery and get you back to work in good health as quickly as possible. We are always prepared to take your case to trial if a favorable settlement cannot be reached.

If you have questions or think you may need help getting your benefits, please contact your local WCLC office and set up your FREE CONSULTATION!


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